• Testimonials

" I underwent Laparoscopic Fundoplication for hiatus hernia from Dr. Ahluwalia. I was told that he is the only surgeon in this region who can perform this surgery laparoscopically. I had a wonderful experience with him. His very humble care before and after surgery is unmatched. Me and my family are highly thankful to him for what he has done for us. I used to feel nauseated and had many episodes of vomiting before surgery which is completely resolved now. God Bless."

Ms Sonam (Name changed)

" I was on over 100 units of Insulin and my BMI was about 38. I was advised surgery in UK by my doctors but because of high charges, I chose to come back to India and get it done here. To my surprise, here in India and that too in Jalandhar (Punjab), all facilities for Bariatric / Metabolic Surgery are available at very reasonable charges. I had a very good experience with Dr. Jasmeet Ahluwalia and my blood sugar was very well under control after surgery. I was discharged without any Insulin. Thanks for changing my life Dr. Saab…. "

Mrs. Kaur (UK) (Pt. wants to conceal full name

" I underwent Bypass Surgery for weight-loss from Dr. Jasmeet Singh about 2 years and I consider him my son now! I am over 66 years old now and had lot of apprehension about undergoing this surgery due to my advanced age. I had tried everything else to lose weight and nothing would help. I visited other surgeons as well to undergo Bariatric Surgery but somehow I made up my mind to settle for Dr. Jasmeet. And I surely have no regrets on that! I treat him as my son now as he has been very very helpful since then till date! He is always there to listen to slightest problem that I have and talking to him takes away half my trouble. GOD BLESS. "

Mrs. Ashok

" I underwent Metabolic Surgery because my blood sugar and blood pressure were not getting under control despite my best efforts and taking very high dose of medicines. Just before surgery I was on very high dose of Insulin and still my blood sugar was about 300 mg%. With 2 weeks of surgery, I stopped all medicines for diabetes and blood pressure and they were both normal. My blood sugar after surgery was about 130mg% even after food. Blood pressure dropped from 200 to 130 (Upper – systolic) without medicines after surgery. Its been almost 2 years now from surgery and I still have very good control of my diabetes and blood pressure. This surgery has made my life so much better and healthier. "

Mr. Rajkumar (USA)